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100% ME

What is 100% ME

100% me is about being a true athlete. It’s about being able to say your performance is 100% me.

There is no secret to success – just hard work, determination and talent and will help you throughout your sporting journey.

This is a values based programme that informs, supports and educates athletes through100% Meout their careers by providing practical anti-doping advice and guidance to ensure they are aware of the risks and responsibilities associated with anti-doping in sport.
The programme provides key messages and workshops tailored to each stage of an athlete’s pathway.
Its core principles emphasise the values of hard work, determination and commitment as the key to success, whilst highlighting the ways in which athletes can protect everyone’s right to compete in clean sport.
What Does 100% me Represent?
It is about living, communicating and promoting the values of clean sport through clean and fair
competition. These key values are:
  • Pride
  • Respect
  • Integrity                            PRIDE
  • Determination
  • Enjoyment

 BJJAGB Clean Sport

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      Telephone: 07816922307