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Our Vision at the BJJAGB is to create a generation of athletes who have confidence in their ability to succeed in Ju-Jitsu without resorting to committing an Anti Doping Rule Violation (ADRV)

To create a generation of support personnel who understand that the athletes they work with can achieve their goals without resorting to committing an ADRV and who embrace their obligations within the “100% me” principles.

To create a generation of Ju-Jitsu supporters who are sensitive to issues of doping in sport in an effort to increase their receptivity to prevention messages so that they can play their part in fostering clean competition.


The BJJAGB values the contribution that sport can make to health, self-development, social development and national pride when fostered within a strong ethical environment. The BJJAGB identifies integrity, fairness, equity and respect as values essential to meaningful success in sport. Fundamental to sport being enjoyed by all is sporting conduct and the way sport is played. The BJJAGB commits to playing their part, along with our partners, in ensuring that standards are set for fair play and drug-free sport and then promoted through the provision of effective education and information.Vision

The basic principle of the BJJAGB’s anti-doping education and information programme shall be to protect the spirit of sport from being undermined by doping and to establish an environment which promotes and reinforces doping-free behaviour among participants, supporting athletes who wish to compete free from doping. While a comprehensive testing programme plays a fundamental part as a deterrent and preventative measure against doping, the BJJAGB acknowledges that it has a duty to provide athletes and support personnel with the information and technical advice they need to make informed and responsible choices.

The BJJAGB is committed to working in partnership with UK Anti-Doping (UKAD), in ensuring that all possible support is provided to fully prepare athletes and support personnel, particularly in the lead up to major events.


The BJJAGB is committed to implementing, monitoring and evaluating this long-term education and information strategy so that successive generations of Athletes can be proud to say they are ‘100% me’. We will work with UKAD, other partners to encourage our sport’s community to engage and participate in anti-doping education programmes. The BJJAGB has identified the following objectives to enable our vision to be realised:

  1. Promote doping-free behaviour to positively influence athletes’ beliefs, attitudes and behaviours towards doping and to establish a generation of young athletes who have confidence in their own ability to succeed in our sport without doping.
  2. Provide a range of relevant and up-to-date information and education to athletes to enable them to make informed and responsible decisions, to minimise their risk of inadvertent doping, to remain doping free and to comply with their sport’s anti-doping regulations.
  3. Provide a range of relevant and accurate information to athlete support personnel to help them understand the importance of doping free sport and empower them to help their athletes make informed and responsible decisions so they do not ommit an ADRV
  4. Raise awareness of the BJJAGB’s Anti-Doping Education programme within & beyond the organisation by delivering key messages through a varied range of communication channels.
  5. All Athletes competing at the National Championships to receive Face to Face Education annually


 BJJAGB Clean Sport

BJJAGB Clean Sport Team


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