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Parents and Carers

Parents and Carers, if your child is enjoying participating or firmly on their way to elite sport, we at the BJJAGB need your help. You are already engaged in your child’s Ju-Jitsu journey and may be a keen participant yourself, either way, you know how important sport is, and that the essence of sport is one team or individual competing fairly against one another in the pursuit of glory.

Anything that makes the competition unfair – doping in particular, undermines the essence of sport. This is why we need your help to protect the integrity of our sport and ensure that when your child trains hard and puts in their best performance, the competition is fair.

The Role of Parents

As a parent or carer you have a crucial role in supporting your child in their development as a clean athlete. You have a major influence on the values and behaviours they adopt, and this has a direct impact, alongside other factors such as motivation and their sporting environment on whether, in the pressure of performing, they choose to engage in doping.

You have many roles, including Number 1 Fan, Banker, Nutritionist, Doctor, Taxi Driver & Psychologist all of these play a part in their development.

We need you as parents or carers of our athletes to help us achieve our aim of clean sport for everyone.

Making Sure Your Child Competes Clean

There lots of practical things parents can do to minimise the risk of inadvertant doping and ensure your child meets their Anti-Doping responsibilities and makes the right choices.

Check Medications

Are you able to confidently answer the following questions?

  • Do you have a medicine cabinet that your child uses or has access to, or do you take responsibilty for providing all medications?
  • Do you know everything that is in there?
  • Are you certain there are no prohibited substances in any of the products? Even over the counter medications can contain prohibited substances.
  • Do you know exactly what your GP is prescribing for your child and whether there are prohibited substances in it?

You can check every medication your child takes on the Global DRO website to be certain they avoid taking any medication which may contain prohibited substances. This can be done for all medications, prescibed or bought over the counter that you keep in the house and make sure the whole family is aware of this.Parents

Consulting your Doctor

  • Make sure your GP is fully aware of your child’s participation in sport
  • You can check the suitability before the GP prescribes it via Global DRO

What if the prescribed medication contains a Banned Substance?


A TUE allows the Athlete to compete whilst taking the Banned Substance

More info at


Athletes sometimes use supplements to improve recovery, hydration or nutrition but it is important to understand there are risks involved.

There is no guarantee that supplements are free from Prohibited Substances

ANANARAC – Assess the Need – Assess the Risk – Assess the Consequences


Prior to using supplements it is vital that young athletes assess the need to use them. Could they achieve better performance through a good balanced diet, and suitable rest & recovery strategies?

Medical Nutritional Deficiences diagnosed by a medical professional may be an exception, advice should be sought from a reputable professional to ensure any decision to use supplemets is valid and justified.


Contamination and counterfeit products are risks associated with supplement use.

All athletes have the responsibility to undertake thorough research of any supplemeParentsnt product before use.

Informed Sport provides a batch testing service and tests supplements against some – but not all – prohibited substances, to reduce the risk of known contamination. To find out if a product has been batch tested visit the Informed Sport website.



The athlete could recieve a 4 Year Ban from all sport

Social Drugs

Your child will have influences outside their sporting peers and role-models such as their own friendship group. Both you as a parent and your child need to be aware that social drugs, which are illegal, are also on the Prohibited List.

Temptation to ‘experiment’ may exist through wanting to ‘take a break’ from training or just wanting to ‘join in’ but all our athletes are ‘role models’ within their sporting community and need to remember there is no place for social drug use in sport. Damaged reputations are hard to recover from.

Preventing a Doping Decision

One of the most important roles parents have is to help your child to be a clean athlete.

Be Vigilant

Reinforce values and the ethics of sport, many athletes experience highs & lows, coping with these and having strong mental skills is fundamental to being a successful athlete. ‘Mental toughness’ applies both on & off the mat.


Be vigilant during stressful periods. Look for any significant changes in behaviour and attitude, such as becoming less open, making snap decisions, being moody, showing frustration, taking risks and experimenting. These changes may indicate they are feeling stressed and is more likely to make poor decisions.

Know their Influencers

Who do they listen to?

What is the culture in our sport?

If they use supplements, where do they obtain them from?

Get to know their coach and find out what they expect from your child. When are the major competitions and key selection sessions, they are more likeky to feel supported if they know you are interested and part of their ‘team’ along with their coaches and other support personnel.

How Can You Help

  • Encourage hard work, commitment & taking responsibility
  • Promote a balanced diet and positive choices
  • Remind them of the consequences
  • Allow them to enjoy the journey
  • Understand the concept of Strict Liability
  • Use all checking tools available
  • Keep a list of medications and ensure they have been checked
  • Remember there is no guarantee supplements are free from Prohibited Substances
  • Become an Anti-Doping Advisor

If you have any concerns please contact your club or association Anti-Doping Advisor, who will be able to assist further


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